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It’s a sad truth, but most relationships are not full of romance and sunshine for ever after. That should be saved for fairy tales. Most of the time they are troubled and torn apart, because of the misgivings and misunderstandings of both the lover and beloved.

Their calloused hearts will at some time long to break-up with the other person when there is no love anymore. It’s a matter of fact that everyone has to deal with such a sad experience at least once in their life. The following are tips on how to end an affair, to move on after the painful ordeal.

The basic thing you have to understand first of all is that breaking up is always a messy and complicated situation. It also needs ot be mentioned that ending a weekend affair ot a juvenile relationship is a lot easier than a marriage which lasted for decades. A simple ‘Sorry, I have another person in my heart’ speech and then changing one’s cellphone and telephone number would suffice. How to end an affair that has not lasted much is to just vanish out of the thin air. No hang-ups, no excessive emotional baggage and definitely easier to move on with.

When ending a marriage that lasted for decades what is needed is an honest, lon heart-to-heart talk. Specific reasons must be determined as to why to end an affair; and if the other person earnestly asks for a second chance and forgiveness, the pained lover should always give it.

An emotional void might only be needed to fill, which can be done the second time around. But when all things are considered and weighed well and the end is really the end, there will be moments of crying and heartache.

Once the decision has been made to end the affair by both partners that they want to separate, it is time to settle some important and trivial matters. E.g. how to divide the property, who takes care of the children, who gets what and all things like that. On this point, there is no turning back anymore and no saying ‘sorry, can we be lovers again?’.

When a final decision has been made, it must be firm and final.

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Ending An Affair

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This article was published on 2010/10/16
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