How to Tell If Your Husband is Cheating Online

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Most women have an intuitive sense about their husbands that triggers the instant one hair is out of place, when something isn't right. Women are like sharks circling their husbands with a sixth sense of smell that can fish out guilt, lies, and most definitely infidelity. Trust me, I am a woman and I know how we can confirm our suspicions.

But we can also create suspicion where there need not be any. We find out that our best friend's husband was having an online affair and suddenly we are watching our own husband like a hawk, noticing his every move as he wanders oblivious through his normal day unaware of the ongoing torture we inflict upon ourselves.

There are a myriad of normal behavioral changes that can clue you into an online affair. The most incredible rise of affairs with the male demographic would be affairs with other men, not women. The sexual revolution has grabbed firmly upon us and those of us with curious husbands are in for a stunning ride. Regardless of the reason for the affair, the signs start to become obvious. Men aren't generally moved to dramatic changes without cause. When men have affairs their self esteem skyrockets. They suddenly feel sexy and wanted and as though every woman they pass believes that she could secretly have him. Their ego takes over and you start to notice that he is whistling and walking with a new strut.

If you've ever seen your husband after a significant promotion or raise in pay then you have pretty much also seen the results of an ingrained affair. Notice I said an ingrained affair. The early stages of an affair are hard to discern with men because they are aware of themselves. It isn't until the affair becomes rather serious or sexual that they start to show changes.

I find it rather interesting how many couples I have known that suspect their husband (or wife) is heading down the road of infidelity and they simply never address it. They turn a blind eye because it is easier to believe that there are other mysterious reasons for his sudden changes in behavior and he isn't staring at his computer screen the same way he used to look at you. Ask him. Ask him if he is having an affair. The majority of men can not tell their wife that they are not having an affair convincingly if they are. Women are onto the lie and they know it.

The truth is, most people who engage in affairs actually would rather get caught. They don't want to confess because that would cause pain, but getting caught would relieve them of the chronic lying and sneaking around and it would all be out in the open. Men most definitely fall into the begging to get caught category. So just ask him if you suspect he is engaging in an affair. It's easier to hear the truth than dealing with all the thoughts you are putting into your own mind.

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How to Tell If Your Husband is Cheating Online

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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