Why Did My Husband Confess His Affair? 3 Possible Reasons

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If it comes to light that there has been an affair in your marriage, it can wreak havoc on the relationship in very short order. When one member of the couple tells the other about a one-time or ongoing affair, you can almost hear the snapping of the bonds of trust that hold the relationship together.

For a woman whose husband has recently told her about his affair with another person, the news can be devastating. Just the thought of him spending intimate time with another woman can send the wife into a rage or a fit of despair. But even worse than the thought of her husband and his mistress being together physically can be the idea the maybe his heart has "jumped ship" from the marriage and has fastened itself to another instead.

If you find yourself in this situation, the confession of his affair may have left you more than a bit perplexed. It can be hard to know what his motivations might have been. Why did he tell you this? What does he want to do now? And, more importantly, what is your next move? Of course, your husband's real motivations will depend upon a number of possible factors, but there is really only a handful of possible reasons for his confession to you.

If you are wondering, "Why did my husband confess his affair?", here are 3 possible reasons:

1. He has already sent you the clear message that the relationship is over:

Your husband may have told you about the other woman because he wants to end his relationship with you and wants to move on, either with the other woman or by himself.

2. He is too afraid to tell you outright that he wants to leave you:

Or, your husband may not have the guts to tell you directly about his desire to leave you. He may have even used the affair as a pretext or excuse for breaking up your marriage - even at a subconscious level. This is admittedly a very cowardly way to go about communicating to you his true intentions, but sometimes people do strange things. Some people cannot muster up the courage to be direct and forthcoming about what they want.

3. He wants to work things out with you but doesn't know how to go about it:

Finally, it may be the case that your husband is genuinely upset about his recent actions and just wants to find a way to patch things up with you and leave the other woman. Unfortunately, both of you may lack the communication and relationship skills to find ways to make your marriage work again.

Any of these 3 possible reasons may be behind your husband's recent confession to you about his affair. But, the only real way forward is to open up an honest line of communication with him.

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Why Did My Husband Confess His Affair? 3 Possible Reasons

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This article was published on 2010/10/06
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